Pure Charcuterie

Pure Charcuterie

The Craft and Poetry of Curing Meats at Home

Meredith Leigh


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  • The author is a chef and farmer and the founder of Foothills Deli and Bakery, the former Executive Director of The Organic Growers School and the principal at Mereleigh Consulting
  • She trained under Kari Underly, master butcher from Chicago
  • Interest in charcuterie is on the rise worldwide with chefs developing their own unique recipes
  • Cured meats arose out the need to preserve meat without refrigeration. Today it is trending as a foodie art form and gourmet menu item.
  • This book celebrates the craft and thrift, discovery and empowerment, self-sufficiency and expression of making your own cured meat products.
  • Accessible explanations of charcuterie techniques illustrated with helpful photos
  • The over 18 recipes include: Fresh Sausage; Corned Beef Tongue; Pastrami; Fermented Sausages; Smoked meat and Mortadella
  • Easy for home cooks with small kitchens
  • Will appeal to those seeking traditional hobbies in the digital age
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