Real Estate Photography for Everybody

Real Estate Photography for Everybody

Boost Your Sales with Any Camera

Ron Castle


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Photographing interiors is not as easy as you might think, and it takes a lot of practice to produce consistently strong, high-impact compositions for your clients. Still, there is money to be made in this field, and whether you’re looking to work as a full-time real estate photographer or develop a side-line business, you’ll need to arm yourself to produce client-pleasing photographs. In this book, Ron Castle introduces you to the skills you need to succeed in real estate photography. You’ll gain insight into some basics of the business, and you’ll learn what kind of equipment you’ll need to do the job. You’ll also learn what and what NOT to photograph, work to produce strong compositions, and find suggestions for an efficient and effective post-processing workflow. The later chapters will consist of several sample home shoots. These images and their captions will provide helpful suggestions and perspectives on what a typical “real-world” real estate shoot entails.


Ron Castle:
Ron Castle has been photographing and creating art since he graduated from the University of Arizona Graphic Design School in 1969 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Commercial Art and Illustration. His work has ranged from graphic design, to oil painting, to film photography, but digital photography has taken center stage in his creative life for the past decade. Since falling in love with digital imaging, he has honed his skills at the prestigious Santa Fe Photographic Workshops and earned the coveted Certified Professional Photographer and Master Photographer degrees from Professional Photographers of America (PPA)—and his very first entry into PPA’s International Photographic Competition in 2015 resulted in a Diamond Photographer of the Year award! In recent years, he has focused his passion on architectural and real estate photography, where he has also earned awards in print competition. Additionally, his images and techniques were featured in Texas Photographer magazine and he taught a popular real estate photography workshop for the Texas Professional Photographers state convention.