Lee's Street Jiu Jitsu Training Techniques Vol.1 "The Essential Defense Guide to Use in a Street Fight"

Lee's Street Jiu Jitsu Training Techniques Vol.1 "The Essential Defense Guide to Use in a Street Fight"



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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is an art form by the Gracie Brothers, designed to help ordinary people learn how to protect themselves in a fight on the ground. There is much interest in this because many fights that start on the feet usually end up on the ground. In contrast, I have designed a program called "Lee's Street Jiu Jitsu" in order to help others learn how to defend themselves in a street fight whether he or she have Martial Arts experience or none. Most of all, readers will find many of the examples helpful and useful in their daily lives whether the fight is on the ground or standing up. This book will be the perfect guide to help readers understand the various scenarios associated with dealing with dangerous people and unexpected attacks. It will teach the reader how to manage their fears, anxiety, mindset, self-control and develop self- confidence and awareness skills while being involved in an physical altercation. Also, it will dispel some of the rumors about Martial Artist Black Belt vs. Street Fighter situations. More importantly, this book will provide a lecture, training examples and demonstrations to help prepare anyone who finds themselves involved in a street fight. It is always better to be prepared than to wait until something bad happens. We live in a dangerous world were assaults seem to occur all too frequently in schools, aggressive driving situations on the road and during simple petty arguments or disagreements. In today's society more and more people or resolving their disagreements with fists as oppose to talking things out exhibiting bad behavior. In my experience I have seen too many examples of this conduct and this is why it was necessary to create this program to empower readers who may not have the time to join a Martial Arts gym or do any self-defense training regularly. Truth is, if you are able to master just a few of these techniques and apply them well, you will find them to be very useful and perhaps use them whenever danger arise.