Harlequin Heartwarming June 2020 Box Set

Harlequin Heartwarming June 2020 Box Set

Melinda Curtis, Cynthia Thomason, Elizabeth Mowers, Amie Denman


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Harlequin® Heartwarming celebrates wholesome, heartfelt relationships imbued with the traditional values so important to you: home, family, community and love. Experience all that and more with four new novels in one collection!

This Harlequin Heartwarming box set includes:


The Mountain Monroes

by Melinda Curtis

Perfectionist chef Camden Monroe is burned out and looking for a break. Line cook Ivy Parker has been prioritizing family over her work. Together they must turn the Bent Nickel diner around, but are there too many cooks?


Twins Plus One

by Cynthia Thomason

After his adopted father’s accidental death, Edward Smith is in the Florida Keys putting his affairs in order. Assigned to the case is single mother and homicide investigator Monica Cortez, whose investigation brings them closer than they ever thought possible.


by Elizabeth Mowers

It’s been ten years since Paige Cartman protected a baby by giving her up for adoption, and she needs to see if she’s safe. In the process she’s drawn to Charlie Stillwater, who’s more connected to Lucy than she realizes!


Cape Pursuit Firefighters

by Amie Denman

Is true happiness freedom or security? That’s a question Kate Price may need to answer when her nomadic lifestyle brings her back to Cape Pursuit and Brady Adams, the handsome firefighter she shared an incredible kiss with last summer.

Look for 4 compelling new stories every month from Harlequin® Heartwarming!


Melinda Curtis:
Melinda grew up on an isolated sheep ranch, where mountain lions had been seen and yet she roamed unaccompanied. Being a rather optimistic, clueless of danger, sort she took to playing "what if" games that led her to become an author.  She spends days trying to figure out new ways to say "He made her heart pound."  That might sound boring, but the challenge keeps her mentally ahead of her 3 kids and college sweetheart husband.

Cynthia Thomason writes about small towns, big hearts and happy endings that are not taken for granted. A multi-award winning author, she began her publishing career in 1998 and has since published more than thirty novels. Her favorite locales are the North Carolina mountains and the Heartland where she was born and raised. Cynthia lives in Florida where she hopes to share her home soon with another rescue dog. She likes to travel and be with family. Her son, John, is also a writer.

Elizabeth Mowers wrote her first romance novel on her cell phone when her first child wouldn't nap solo. After three years she had a well adjusted preschooler and a book she'll never show another living soul. The experience set her on a path to writing romance. Elizabeth lives in Ohio with her husband and children where they enjoy living out in the country. A great weekend for Elizabeth includes lots of time for talking, eating, laughing and writing.

Amie Denman lives in a small town in Ohio with her husband and sons. When she's not reading or writing, she's walking and running outside. The victim of a lifetime of curiosity, she's chased fire trucks on her bicycle just to see what's going on. Amie believes that everything is fun: especially roller coasters, wedding cake, and falling in love. Please visit her at www.amiedenman.com for books and news.