The Patchwork Girl of Oz

The Patchwork Girl of Oz

L. Frank Baum


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In this exciting children’s story from the Oz series, a young Munchkin ventures to the Emerald City with the help of a live patchwork doll.

Ojo the Unlucky isn’t sure how he got his nickname, but he finds it fitting after a visit to Dr. Pipt the Crooked Magician. There, he learns about Dr. Pipt’s incredible Powder of Life, which has turned an old patchwork quilt into a living girl. But when Dr. Pipt’s Liquid of Petrification accidentally turns Ojo’s uncle into a statue, Ojo must seek out the magic ingredients that will bring Unc Nunkie back to life.

On his journey to the Emerald City to find a six-leaved clover, Ojo is joined by an arrogant Glass Cat, a four-legged Woozy, the resourceful Shaggy Man, and the Patchwork Girl herself. Along the way, Ojo meets a thoughtful Scarecrow, a caring Tin Woodman, and a kind young lady from Kansas named Dorothy Gale. And while gathering the life-saving ingredients isn’t easy, his adventures might just teach him that luck is what you make of it.


L. Frank Baum:
L. Frank Baum (1856–1919) was born in upstate New York and began writing stories at a very young age. Best known as the author of the beloved children’s classic The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, he wrote thirteen sequels set in the Land of Oz and numerous other novels, poems, and plays.