M Series: Magical Tales from the Hidden Continent

M Series: Magical Tales from the Hidden Continent

Shashi Warrier


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Series Blurb Why a 'M' series? Much of what makes for a masterful story starts with the letter M... Mysteries, Magic, Monsters! The M series promises to be a marvellous mix of all three. Book Blurb Many years ago, the Lord of All Magic, fed up with the intrusion of humans into the lives of magical beings, withdrew to a continent in the middle of the Pacific Ocean that he hid, by magical means, from the sight of all humans outside. As the two tales from the hidden continent show, life with magical creatures can never be dull...


Shashi Warrier:
Shashi Warrier is the author of The Hidden Continent, Suzy's Gift and five thrillers: Night of the Krait, The Orphan Diaries, Sniper, Noordin's Gift, and The Girl Who Didn't Give Up. Hangman's Journal is a semi-fictional biography of the last hangman of the erstwhile kingdom of Travancore and The Homecoming is a novel based in Kashmir.